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RELISTING: RARE!!! Vintage Datsun “SSS” Hub Caps

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Set of 4 vintage Datsun “SSS” hub caps. Measures approx. 33cm in diameter. Circa 1970’s.
BidderBid amount Bid time
goldboyzR825,002023-08-22 17:56:26
dorothyk R800,002023-08-22 17:47:32
goldboyz R800,002023-08-22 17:56:16
anonymous R750,002023-08-22 17:50:04
anonymous R700,002023-08-22 17:49:53
anonymous R650,002023-08-22 17:49:41
dorothyk R625,002023-08-22 17:46:35
goldboyz R600,002023-08-22 17:37:48
anonymous R575,002023-08-22 17:30:11
goldboyz R550,002023-08-22 17:11:10
dorothyk R525,002023-08-21 17:50:10
anonymous R500,002023-08-21 17:15:55
dorothyk R500,002023-08-21 17:50:02
dorothyk R450,002023-08-21 17:49:51
dorothyk R400,002023-08-21 17:49:41
dorothyk R350,002023-08-21 17:06:51
Start auctionR350,00August 19, 2023 8:35 PM
Set of 4 vintage Datsun "SSS" hub caps. Measures approx. 33cm in diameter. Circa 1970's.


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