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RARE!!! Vintage Datsun “SSS” Hub Caps

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Set of 4 vintage Datsun “SSS” hub caps. Measures approx. 33cm in diameter. Circa 1970’s.
UsernameBid AmountDate
anonymousR850,002023-08-14 17:38:27
zainR825,002023-08-14 17:18:48
goldboyzR800,002023-08-14 17:15:55
zainR775,002023-08-14 17:18:29
zainR725,002023-08-14 17:16:43
zainR675,002023-08-14 17:07:08
goldboyzR650,002023-08-14 17:01:59
zainR650,002023-08-14 17:06:46
zainR600,002023-08-14 17:04:57
zainR550,002023-08-14 17:04:20
zainR500,002023-08-14 06:33:03
johannR475,002023-08-14 06:32:11
zainR450,002023-08-14 06:21:26
johannR425,002023-08-14 05:32:15
zainR400,002023-08-13 17:27:13
johannR375,002023-08-10 16:43:27
goldboyzR350,002023-08-10 15:18:16
Start auctionR350,00August 10, 2023 1:44 PM
Set of 4 vintage Datsun "SSS" hub caps. Measures approx. 33cm in diameter. Circa 1970's.


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